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Grumpy Santa started stumbling across the grid

Grumpy Santa hunt by Evil Bunny Productions just started with a bunch of wonderful gifts. Infos, pics and hints you’ll find here:

My hunt gift is stop #54. Have fun with this “lazy Sunday on the couch leggins, bra top and knitted jacket” for many mesh bodies incl. Rebirth, Cinnamon&Chai, Legacy, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Tonic.

Happy hunting!

Love Freda

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Preparing for Winter

SL is great to see the beauty of winter while here in RL it is mostly just dark smuddly and cold.My favorite sim while exploring was the calm and sunny all natural place with the poetic name “Where our Journey begins – Winter of 21. Wispering Windz”.

After finding new friends like the Snow Owl you can do endless walks on boots or ice scates, do a ride on a beautiful pony (no pic with me on the horse, I just do not make a good figure up there….lol) and have a hot chocolate in the end.

Enjoy a wonderful winter weekend!

Love, Freda

Body: Cinnamon ( Cinnamon&Chai by Siddean Monroe) with original skin
Head: Genus Strong with The Skinnery Tzuyu skin
Hair: Magica – Morticia
Lipstick: Cheap & Chic HDL-D #03 (Genus)
Eye Shadow: Ottilie – Glam Eyeshadow – Nude 3 Genus
Nail Appliers: Cinnamon&Chai
Glasses: Inkhole. Trianglix GlassesÂ
Jewelry: !![ kunst ] – Lyra Set and !!KUNGLERS – Lola necklace
Sweater: “Freda” Tita Sweater Black White Spots
Skirt: “Freda” Lucy Pleated Skirt Black
Boots: ![LECASTLE] Myra Boots – Slink Size fits Cinnamon perfectly!
Pantyhose: Cinnamon&Chai inkl. Body Package painted black

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A new mesh body hit the grid! Cinnamon&Chai

Here she is: Cinnamon!

Slinks Creator Siddean Munro just released her new mesh body today.

It is sold under a new brand „Cinnamon&Chai“, but with the well known creativity, perfection and unbeatable personal customer service of the Slink Team.

I had the chance to work with the new body to update my clothing collection in time.
And I instantly fell in love with this naturally curved, realistic and mature female body. I had so much fun working with her, that I updated much more clothing than intended in the beginning.

But actually this body should not be covered too much.
It is just too beautiful to hide :-).

See some picks in use on my Flickr

Playing with the SL shape sliders you’ll get cute life like love handles. But the slender body is well shaped, too.

In the beginning I was quarrelling a little bit with the big breasts. I am more the Cup B type. But there is always something on your body (and I especially mean RL) you have to struggle with, so this is just the realism most mesh bodies in SL are missing. I put fabric around the heavy boobies, played with the dials and the decolete just turned out breath taking with some deep cut tops 🙂

I love the belly and thigh parts, which are just naturally curved.
And if ever you can say of somebody to have beautiful knees, Cinnamon got them!
Hand and feet are of realistic size and shape. My husband admired the wrist bones when looking at her 🙂
The feet are animated, so there are no extra meshes for every height.

Images are taken with Midday light and no postwork wearing the Lelutka Antonia head with EVO X option and a face skin from The Skinnery.

Why Cinnamon and Chai?

The package you buy includes 2 bodies: Cinnamon and Chai.
On first sight they look exactly the same. 

The difference is, that Chai still uses a uv map very close to the SL system avatar, which means you can wear BoM clothing and existing skins. Just the feet are mismatching due to the “2 separate feet” function.

Cinnamon got a new uv template to have 2 truly different arms and feet. This is great for asymmetrical skin parts, tattoos and BoM clothing.

For Cinnamon you need skin and BoM products especially made for her. The package you buy includes 19 skins, a great start to play.

I find it a good concept to sell both bodies in one pack for using your existing items on Chai in the beginning and then switching more and more to the special made products with Cinnamon if you like.

Mesh clothing for Cinnamon&Chai always fits both bodies. 

Find the Flickr group for vendor ads here:

Now looking at the HUD. This is well sorted, easy to understand and you get everything you need.

Clicking on „alphas“, „skin“ and „extras“ gives you a new folder in your inventory, each with useful alpha layers, 19 skins and the extra folder with a cute pink mesh bra and panties set, 3 basic shapes and several appliers.

There are 5 different nipple options on the HUD. And I always love to have a „hide nails“ option also for the feet in addition to tintable stocking caps. BoM underwear lovers get a „smooth panties“ option. 

The nail polish options are basic, but you can wear all Slink nails, which make things easy, too.
The Special Effects tab shows some useful and pretty options. I love the „wet-look“ and of course the „glitter“.

All official infos about Cinnamon&Chai you’ll find here:

Price for the Cinnamon&Chai meshbody is 4.800 L$

My Summary:
I just LOVE Cinnamon and Chai. Just go get the demo and check her out yourself.

LM to the new Cinnamon&Chai store:

Love, Freda

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Red is not a color for fall?

You are right. This is not Freda. Freda is behind the camera 🙂
While making fashion pics yesterday I discovered this wonderful grown-in phone booth on a sim from destination guide, Finnygook Cove.

When coming back dressed in Red and ready for a shot we could not find the booth anymore….lol. It was so well hidden in the green. Zooming in and out from the top I found the red spot, but then again going there with the avi was something completely different…

But I never give up and in the end we got these beautiful pics. And a mix of warm fall colors with red, which usually does not match at all.


Well covered with the wide sweater this is a new body….pppsssstttt…still a secret….
It is Cinnamon and it will be released on 16th November by Slink / Cinnamon&Chai. It was fun to create a whole new character around it and to update my collection.

Head: Lelutka Evo X Antonia
Skin: .::Supernatural::. Midnight Choker
Shape: my own
Hair: EMO-tions.. RILEY
Shades: A&D Clothing ~ GIFT Glasses -Lennon- Dark
Choker: .::Supernatural::. Midnight Choker
Boots: ![LECASTLE] Myra Boots (totally in love with those)
Clothing: Freda (Original Mesh)
– Olga Thick Hand Knitted Sweater
– Wendy Wrap Skirt
– ripped black Pantyhose BoM

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Freda

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All SL is one big Halloween party again.
There is spooky and scary decoration wherever you go…

And the Boo Bunny Hunt is in full swing for the 10th time.
Find the images and hints here:

My hunt gift is this orange spider shirt coming in all popular mesh body sizes.

Enjoy hunting and have a great Spooktober!

Legacy Meshbody
Genus Strong Head (own shape)
Analog Dog AD – 42 Hair
Face Tattoo: Savage – La Catrina 1
.::Supernatural::. Midnight Choker Fatpack
KUNGLERS – Elvira earrings
MARKED – Infinite Necklace
SK * Spider Necklace
Shirt “Freda” Hunt Gift BBH10 Layla Spider Top
Shorts: “Freda” Ria Shorts Black Denim
Pantyhose: “Freda” Lace Pantyhose Orange”

The beautiful location is at Rebirth Main Store with foggy night settings

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A Saturday for Recreation

SL can be outwearing at times when you run a business. Too often I forget myself and that SL offers so much more than creating clothes. So after fixing a wonky script I will spend a day at the beach today and looking forward to the big party at Purple Turtle Club tonight at the Rebirth Fashion Event.

Slink Physique Body
Genus Strong Head
The Skinnery Tzuyu Skin
Lamb. Garden Hair
(<) 1313 Dark Days Sunglasses

“Freda” Tilly Tank Top Art Deco
“Freda” Bella Bra Top Black Velvet
“Freda” Brooke Bikini Shorts
“Freda” Jacky Sneakers

Baja Coast, always a great place to relax and take pics

Have a great weekend!

Love, Freda

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The Brand New Rebirth Genesis Mesh Head

About half year ago Rebirth released their most versatile mesh body in SL. With just one body you can change your avi from a little kid, teen and grown-up, female and male – all-in-one.

Now they hit the grid again with a lovely mesh head, so easy to use, with endless options and with actually NO SEAMLINE at the neck!
All previous buyers of the body get the full set with a Redelivery in Rebirths store.

My review is by far not complete, but just a little overview. Best you go and get your DEMO.

Out of the box you just wear the head and the HUD.
A great set of skins and modifyable shapes are included.

You can wear any system skin or BOM skin. This saves you a lot of money. You just use the skins you already own.
Right on the top of the HUD you’ll find 4 morph options, which are changing the head slightly. This way you can adjust the head to the skin and choose the best looking option with just one click. Fantastic!

You can use the in-built eyes or any system or BOM eyes if you have BOM activated in the HUD. There are a lot of material settings and of course you can adjust size and position of your eyes.

The length of the lashes you adjust via the HUD.
For density and style you use the BOM appliers that come with the head.
Tip: You can combine the layers to design your own lashes style with just some clicks.

I have a lot of fun with the face AO, that is integrated in the main HUD.
The expressions are sliding into each other nice and smooth. The expressions are super cute.
There are several predefined sequences from happy to sad, tired to neutral, angry and more.

This avi comes to life with its lovely eye twinkle and small movements.

As with every mesh head the outcome highly depends on skin and shape.
With the Rebirth Genesis mesh head you get the morphs in addition.

This first mesh head from Rebirth is optimized for kids and teens and cute young male and females. They promised to come with more mesh heads soon. I am excited! And I will go on providing you with clothes for this great brand.

The mesh body and head you’ll get here:

and some lovely examples, shapes with style cards you’ll find here:

A pretty choice of clothes for Rebirth bodies you’ll find in my shop:

Enjoy your Sunday and have much fun!

Love, Freda

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A day at the Shop and Hop Event SLB18

Both girls are wearing:

Rebirth Eden Body
Rebirth Genesis Mesh Head (Release date 2nd July. It was an honour for me to test it. Thank you!)

alaskametro<3 “Yazmin” Classic/BoM leL skin Tone 4 ( Jubilant Sim)
Stix ~ Ziva the Summer Fae [SKIN]DEMO (Dahlia Sim)

tram J0826 hair / HUD-A
no.match_ ~ NO_WILL ~ Pack of BLONDS (from Hair Fair 2021, still running)

Roller Blades
Spoiled – Divine Roller Skates Candy (Halcycon Sim) a fantastic find! Great animations incl.

catNap.Hydrangea in Rain Earrings / purple (Poppy Sim)
Flowers necklace MapPea Plumeria Lei (Chickory Sim)

AO (last pic)
BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO After (Poppy Sim)

“Freda” Paula Bikini Orange and Lemon
“Freda” Malia Skirt Handwritten Black White
“Freda” Tilly Tank Top Tie Dye Orange
SL Marketplace:

Have a great day!

Love, Freda