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A sneak peak on my participation in Original Vogue Event

For Original Vogue Event I created a new dress and matching platform sandals.

Lilly Dress, a sexy short balloon dress is made from old jeans and reused sheer chiffon. It is the first piece of a series of recycling fashion, because we buy far too much new cheap clothing and do not realize, what this means to the environment.
I want to help to cultivate the awareness of sustainable fashion – refashion.

There are 2 versions: one with blue jeans and one with black denim.
Both are available single and as fatpacks with 6 styles each and the Smart Hud.
The matching platform sandals are covered with reused recolored jeans fabric coming in 9 colors with the Smart Hud.

All items are released only at the Original Vogue Event which starts tomorrow until 15th April.

Original Vogue Event1

More infos about the event here:

Original Vogue Event

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Freda









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Fatpacks with Smart Hud

There are fatpacks available now from my best selling items.

You can recognize them easily with the smart hud display. The easy color changer hud saves you a lot of inventory items if you like more than 2 or 3 colors of a product.
I learned to love the color changer huds for all kind of attachments.

And I do them on request, if you ask for a special product, that is sold in a single color yet. Just contact me.

Happy recoloring!








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Sputnik, the store drone

May I introduce Sputnik, our friendly store drone, who is greeting everybody personally by flying in front, but keeping a safe distance.

I hate those boring blue menus popup with every doorstep I cross. So I thought let’s try something new and Muad had fun to install our drone.

I colored it in friendly turquoise and magenta tones and I hope you will like that way of being welcomed.

See you,

Freda & Sputnik





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Skin Fair 2019

Skin Fair is one of the biggest annual events in SL and almost everybody is very excited about it. I wanted to use this chance to find a mesh head at last!

You can find many informations about the skin fair and a link to a great movie by Strawberry Singh here:

The fair with around 200 participants is placed on 2 sims and visitors avatar complexity is limited to 50.000, a good step to a halfway good user experience.

So first I put on what I absolutely needed: my mesh body and hair.
My “Freda” Mia dress and a pair of high heels added up to 44.000. Perfect!

It took me about 3 hours to look at every booth that caught my eye.
I got tons of Demos of all big and small brands mesh heads with matching skins and shapes.



It took me another 3 hours to unpack and to try all those demos.
I was really willing to get a mesh head at last, so I did this with patience (not my thing usually) and care. I edited my shape and I tried everything, tested huds, turned sliders…
I looked into many strange faces, that were so far away from myself like Mars and just not me. It was frustrating and I better do not show any pictures of this process.

I remember I had the same problem 11 years ago, when I searched for a new skin.
Then there was the moment when I discovered Pulse skins. I looked at the vendor pic and I looked into a familiar face.
I still wear my Pulse Skin “Elegance” and even if many make ups are outdated I still feel very well with the nude lipstick and dark eye shadow.
Here comes a late “thank you” to Lorac Farella who sadly left SL (said so in her last blog post) in 2016. Who knows maybe one day she comes back like I did it…

Maybe one day it will be possible to bake my face on a mesh head matching my shape.
So no mesh head at this time. And nobody can say I did not try it. I did!!!

Love from good old Freda system face.




Good night!




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and it is still raining…

Have fun with my umbrella collection.

For the full choice come to my inworld store to see them rezzed:

Or have a look at my SL Marketplace page:
Umbrellas at the “Freda” store

Every umbrella comes in a wet and in a dry version with Bento hand poses for L and R hand, holding straight or low.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Love, Freda






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It’s raining!!!

Just for the fun I have made a series of umbrellas.
I just couldn’t stop myself to make them and the more I made the more ideas were coming my way…

So I did not make it to go photo shooting a lot this week. Just one shot in our own beautiful garden in front of the store, which became a real recreation area within the past two weeks. Another good reason to get over to “Fredas”.

Have a great start into the weekend with hopefully better weather for you than here with us.

Love, Freda


Garden: Apple Orchard by “TMG Two Moon Gardens”
Clothing incl. raincoat: “Fredas”
Umbrella: “Fredas” Ella Umbrella “Modern City”
Necklace: Bang Bang Choker by “Yummy”
Shoes: “Hoorenbeek”

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Solar Energy in Second Life

When we saw the solar house from our neighbor Patrick first time Muad thought ” cool!” and I thought “strange!”. But we are in SL where you find almost everything.

After a nice talk we learned there is a sustainable community in SL, Etopia, a group of people who educate in renewable energy with RL examples.
It is about making people aware of the necessity of a sustainable environment and this is what I find cool, too!

So Muad put on his overalls and installed solar panels on my shop roof.
Now I feel much better heating that old leaky steampunk home and using all those lights being on 24/7 in the shop :-).

We are having solar panels and an electric car in our RL, too, btw.

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Freda