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Another 3 sims to do Shop & Hop and a very useful link list of the event.

Did you see the fantastic LM list to every single shop of the event ? A MUST see! Link List Shop and Hop event I printed it on 7 pages and made my notes for an easy get back later for items I had to rethink before buying. Saving so much time…


The most generous and useful gift I found is given by Infinite Furniture at Frosted Region – a NY loft skybox flooded with day light, wonderful for making indoor pics.


My favorite clothing gift I got from Stories and Co. at Frosted Region – this lovely little short pants and as a big exception, also for the Slink Physique Original body. Thank you!


My finger just clicked “buy” from alone when I saw these great big shoulder bags fatpack by ANE at Halcycon Region. I know it is difficult to rig such a bag, so it is a bit far from the body, but allows to be worn with thick clothing, too. I just love it


Here I was thinking, if I really need that fantastic swimming pool with slider, from Aphrodite Shop, also at Halcycon. But unfortunately it doesn’t fit in the snow region, where I got my land.


This designer ( Myth at Gleaming Region) really made it to install a wide and highly atmospheric beach and garden set-up within the little stall. Incredible and lovely items!


Ever wanted to learn making your own pottery? It is super easy with MUSUs Pottery Wheel at Halcycon Region.


If you are less for a NY loft, but more for a minimal tent living, this gift by Fantavatar & Moonstruck at Aurelian Region is for you. Very cute with several animations.


You have to watch well, that those old and grungy robots don’t eat you when you sleep outside… the lovely guys are made by [C8] and to be seen at Jubilant Region.


Another lovely gift set, a rose tiara and neck band by Tentacio at Halcycon Region.


And this is the end :-). I just fell in love with that octopus hair by BONBON, so cute. You can wear the beast and the hair separately btw and you get so many color options. I can’t wait to make the next photo session.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Love, Freda



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Curiosities at the Shop & Hop SL17B event

Ready for a new round of shop and hop fun? I LOVE it, that there is such a new variety at the shop and hop event this year. The Tinseled Region keeps some really funny curiosities:


“Owner too lazy” … Well this designer at least is honest:


Anyway I love the stall of Dope + Mercy, which is almost an art installation. And the few products and images are creative and beautiful. I would have bought the pvc bag. But I do not like gacha. I like to choose myself which color and version I get. So I stick with my kitty gym bag.


Who in heavens name needs a fake tan machine in SL??? These things are uncomfy like hell, especially for adult actions…hahaha… :-)))


And if I come home to our pretty steampunk house with this jumping washing machine, also made by Astralia, Muad will ask for the divorce I guess. It is so much fun though to sit on it and watch the movement, almost like meditation…maybe I find a hidden corner and he is not online often lately :-))).


I always loved contrasts. This more than colorful “Alice in Wonderland” and Space Set-up is by Boudoir…


…and a few steps further a calm huge showroom by Spargel and Shine, that shows beautiful seaside houses and you do not feel like at an expo at all.


I find horses beautiful, but I am scared like hell from them and would never ever sit on the back of a horse. This unicorn made me already feel uncomfy how it looked at me, not to talk about the huge stallion and his dangerous movements.


So this was my daily shop and hop trip early this morning, while users from the other side of the world are still sleeping.


One last tip! Do not have shadows enabled in your preferences of your viewer and keep the drawing distance as short as possible. You will have much more fun moving. This last pic took ages with the lag. I did not buy anything today, but I had so much fun.

Enjoy your Sunday and take good care of yourself,

Love, Freda

and with all those Maitreya and Legacy only designers, I just wear my own stuff:
“Freda” Drawstring Gym Bag Cat (my own original mesh!)
“Freda” Photo print BoM shirt and panties (low lag, no mesh)
“Freda” Pia Shorts Corduroy
“Freda” Denim Sandals


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SL17B Shop & Hop Finds

Its that magic date again and SL was just getting 17 years old – incredible – and more colorful and sexy than ever! This years Shop and Hop event is hosting the double space and 200 designers.


I love all kind of expos and fairs in both worlds. So I just made it to stroll through two of the sims in one afternoon. As always I checked on the map which sim still takes avis and clicked the map to get there. In Snowflake Region there are various home and garden shops. The best way is to have a seat and look around with the camera. Btw I LOVE this chair, which is a gift from Trompe L’oeil.


The above pic shows my favorite fashion stall by Ala Folie, a wonderful set up, that shows they love colorful fabrics and hand crafting just like me. The gift (on the left display, group gift right) ist a wonderful long dress. Thank you!!! While again many designers on the event support disappointing 1 or 2 mesh body brands only, you can get here at Ala Folie a wide range, and also Slink Physique Original, what I wear.


Time for a good cup of japanese tea at this lovely tea set by Sway’s.
And this beautiful old fashioned huge piano by Fancy Decor makes you look like a virtuoso, even if you have no clue of playing a piano.


A little bit dreaming is easy in this romantic bird cage by OA-MEO.


OK, and I just had to have this cute Italian ice cream Fiat 500 by Chez Moi for in front of my shop. No designer can live from freebies, so I am always happy, when I find things, that are useful for me to buy at those events.


And here it is. Serve yourself! The cone with 3 balls of ice cream is my fav.


Enjoy your weekend, the SL17B events and shopping!

Love, Freda

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“Pacifique” – the most beautiful place for a mermaid

Want to have that special feeling to be a mermaid for one day? Just wear a mermaid skirt and visit “Pacifique”. We promise from whatever angle you make pics, in whatever light, it is just too beautiful.


This was a perfect sisters day!
Take enough time to explore all the caves, corners and hidden places, to try all mermaid dance balls and sitting on the anchors.

Those mermaid skirts and bra you’ll get at the Under The Sea Event for the half price until 16th June btw, after that date on full price at “Freda – Fashion and Accessories”.

Take care and have fun,

Love, Fredda and Freda



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Bringing my twin sis in SL again…

She hasn’t been in SL for years and this is how she looked like – awful :-). So we went for a total avatar makeover and this is the result. Left is the new Fredda and right is me, Freda.


Ok, we do not look like twin sisters anymore, but she did not want to spend a fortune (what I did). But she wanted to look special. I was surprised how beautiful the Tonic Fine Beauty body is and how easy it is to use the HUD.
Also the BoM function is so simple. You just click “Use BOM Skin” and you can use all your old stuff and also the new BoM products.


A nice choice of nail colors and options – enough for a “sometimes-SL-user”. The inexpensive mesh head looks a bit melancholic and we did not find out yet how to add other expressions. Then we worked ourselves through the demos of the whole No Match store and ended up with that cute blonde short hair.
Of course she had to wear my newest outfits.


The 10-year old AO still looks cute. So off for new adventures!

Credits top image:
Location: Kazza store – Summer Set
You find wonderful decorated furniture scenes, ready to use with many options and great animations incl. and the positions are full adjustable.

Fredda (left):
Mesh Body: Tonic Fine Beauty with ::Niha:: BAE Mesh Head with an own shape
Skin BoM (body and face): The Skinnery Garrance Bare Face
Hair: No Match – No Smile
Jewelry: *Nelshai* The Bali Pearl Necklace (ages old)
Shoes: Freda – Jacky hand painted Sneakers hand painted
Top and Pantie: Freda – BoM Reptiles Set Peppermint
Shorts: Freda – Pia Shorts Corduroy blue
Jacket: Freda – Nina open Jacket Corduroy Pink

Freda (right)
Mesh Body: Slink Physique with Genus Strong Head and own shape
Skin: The Skinnery – Tzuyu skin
Hair: Analog Dog – Senoa
Glasses: Inkhole – Trianglix Glasses
Necklace: Supernatural – Karina Set and [Kunst] – Lyra Choker and Earrings
Shoes: Freda – Betty Denim Platform Sandals
Shirt: Freda – BoM Photo Print Shirt Blue
Shorts: Freda Pia Open Shorts Corduroy Blue

Have a great weekend shopping and relaxing,

Love, Freda

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The most versatile Mermaid Fish Tail

It is just a skirt and you can swim, dance and walk with it…



The set is available exclusively at “Under The Sea” event by EBP, a lovely underwater shopping event starting 6th June and ending 16th June. So don’t miss some fantastic mermaid and under water themed exclusive products at special prices in a beautiful atmosphere.

available at “Under The Sea” Event:
Photobox: **SN Something New – Under The Sea Photobox
Mermaid Poses: ** SN Something New – Mermaid 4 Poses
Clothing: “Freda” – Ava Mermaid Skirt and Bra
Hair: Magika –  Heartbeat
Jewelery: Tekeli-li – Maui Bracelets, Necklace and Earrings (very old item)
Maxi Gossamer MG – Ashanti Set
Tattoo: Psycho Store – Tattoo Goddess Bom/Omega


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Upper pants underpants – all is possible with BoM

and I LOVE it so much to layer clothing making my own fun combinations.


The printed open Pia Shorts by “Freda” is perfect to be worn over the tight little velvet pants with the matching short sleeves top. Both, the printed denim shorts fatpack and the BoM fatpack with 13 colors is 50% off at Freda’s main store and at the SL Marketplace for a limited time.


The colors of the 3-piece velvet set are also matching Jenna Lace Skirt by “Freda – Fashion and Accessories.


The wonderful wall painting I found at Cartagena *Little World*, a calm urban place, great to make pics. Click for LM.

More credits:
Hair: .SHI Hair : Chokmah
Skin on Genus Mesh Head: The Skinnery Tzuyu Applier with my own shape
Shoes: Addams Maisie Chelsea Boots

Enjoy your weekend, stay at home safe and take good care of yourself and your beloved ones!

Love, Freda


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I love NY and an urban rain coat freebie


I love the beautiful touristic spots and also the hidden grungy places of NY, I love the people and I am heart broken to see this city struggling so hard right now.


I visited Brooklyn in SL, that is in the destination guide right now, a wonderful place to reflect my mood. And the urban surroundings made a perfect background for my newest Freebie I made for the Stay at Home Club. To visit Brooklyn you use the LM here:


Here you get an overview and the LMs of all those beautiful gifts from so many talented designers, who want to give you a little something in these hard days to chear you all up a bit:


You can grab the rain coat for 0 L$ at my store:

Stay safe and healthy!

Love, Freda


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#stayathome and meet in SL


I wanted to make a nice pic with three friends meeting in SL having fun.
It just didn’t work.
Those girls were looking serious, thoughtful and not fun at all no matter which poses and expressions I used. It is just not a “have fun time” and again I noticed how much SL is reflecting moods of my real life, being worried and not in the mood for having fun. So I just stopped tweaking and publish the pic as it is.

Take good care of yourselves, stay at home, keep a distance and stay healthy,
Love, Freda

Fredda (left)
Body: Tonic Fine Beauty Mesh Body
Head: BAE Mesh Head
Skin: The Skinnery Garance sytem skin used with BOM
Shape and Face Shape: selfmade
Hair: Analog Dog .b – cray blanched light blondes
Top: “flattenthecurve Group gift by “Freda”
Shorts: Pia painted open shorts by “Freda”
Leggings: ages old from Last Call system clothing

Gretchen (center)
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: [AK] Lara Bento Head with default skin
Shape and Face Shape: selfmade
Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 49 black
Skirt: “Freda” Jenna Skirt with lace
Top: “flattenthecurve Group gift by “Freda”

Freda (right)
Body: SLink Physique
Head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier and BOM body
Eye Shadow: Alaskametro Winter Beauty
Lipstick: RichB. Lips #49 (brand new from skin fair 2020)
Shape and Face Shape: selfmade
Hair: Analog Dog – 42 – light browns
Shirt: ages old system shirt by Fredas Fine Fashion worn with BOM
Top: “flattenthecurve Group gift by “Freda”
Glasses: Inkhole – Trianglix Glasses

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#flattenthecurve Group Gift Statement Top

#flattenthecurve is the slogan to make clear to everybody how important it is to slow down the speed of infections with the corona virus.


This is the only way to prevent the health systems all over the world from breaking down. And it was never as easy as now to safe life, your own and others, with just staying home in your real life whenever possible.

With my newest group gift (coming with a HUD in 6 colors) I ask you please to spread the word, make others aware of how important it is to think about your behavior. Every single one can help.


We are gifted as SL residents, that we can meet friends in a safe place just through the computer.


Why not asking some family members to join SL to meet?
I did this years ago and my mom had a lot of fun meeting me in SL, dressing up her avi and noticing, that many things are much more easy (shopping) or just as difficult (dating) as in real life.

Stay safe, take very good care for yourself and your beloved ones.
Together we will make it through these hard times!

Love, Freda

The statement top you’ll find in the entrance area of my shop: