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I smell fall

The evenings are getting cooler – time to get something around your shoulders. This lovely faux fur jacket with sticking out hair is perfect to start into fall.


Here I wear two jackets upon the other to get that pretty 2-colors effect – light pink and brass. Fanny Fur Jacket comes with a bonus fish net shirt omega applier in many colors. Much fun to play with different color combinations.


Jacket: “Freda” Fanny Fur Jacket
Shirt: Fish net shirt Omega Applier Bonus coming with the jacket
Pants: “Freda” Nelly Shorts Black
Shoes: “Freda” Lucinda High Heels
Body: SLink Physique
Head: Genus Strong Face
Hair: Magika – Itch
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier
Shape and Face: my own
Make-Up: Alaskametro – Winter Beauty Eye Shadow
Psycho:Byts – Akona Lipsticks

Have a great weekend!

Love, Freda


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Beached Bunny Hunt has begun!

A hunt with more than 70 stops and beach themed 1 L$ gifts. Look for the sand bucket and help to dig out the poor stuck bunny.

Find hunt hints and images here:


“Freda – Fashion and Accessories” takes part with this cool sports set.
Watch the sign and click the hint if you go directly:

So grab your shovel, start digging and have a great weekend…

Love, Freda


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Funk the Junk Hunt has just begun

It is a small monthly hunt with lovely themes. Do not miss some great 1 L$ gifts.
Taxi to grab my “Freda” flea market dress is here (hint at the entrance of the shop):


For more information and the LMs click here:

And a sneak peak on some pics is here:

Have fun!

Love, Freda



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Unpacking is finished!

Huh…this was like christmas and birthday on one day:
Unpacking all the gifts I collected on SL16B.
Still 6 days to visit this wonderful event (and I have to go again….)

2019-19-SL16B gift unpacking

My favorite gift is the fish in the bag…sooo cute and he is moving.
There are tons of great clothing items, while I was disappointed from quite a few designers, who just added only two or three mesh body sizes, sometimes Maitreya only and no SLink Physique. This is splitting the SL fashion community and I don’t like it.
I loved most this simple dress from fd, which comes in a beautiful bag within a whole little scene of stuff and the dress itself in 12 colors and many sizes. Yes, I am somebody who loves nicely made shopping bags to open at home.

Do not overlook some wonderful pose packs. The one I used is from Psycho.Byts, who also make great colorful make up. I am a new fan!

All other credits are here:
Dress: (fd) Youthquake Dress – comes in 12 colors SL16B gift
Shoes: Mangula Mina Heels SL16B gift
Lipstick: alaskametro “Bubblegum” Omega Appliers SL16B gift
Bracelet: [ WoO ] Octopus Bracelet (Old Bronze Patina) SL16B gift
Eye Patch: “Tentacio” SL16B gift
Headset: Spoiled – Wings Gaming Headset SL16B gift
Hair: Lamb – Angel SL16B gift
Pose: Psycho.Byts Lili Pose with Pose HUD SL16B gift
Deco: Foxy Notepad SL16B gift
Apple Fall SL16B cake
{MB} Kingyo Bag (Fish in Bag) SL16B gift
[Cb] Urban Loft Hassock SL16B gift
Kaerri Wiener-riffic Dachshund chair SL16B gift
various shopping bags and boxes

Have fun,
love, Freda

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Tipps for shopping at the SLB 16

OMG, it is hard to believe that SL is 16 years old and I am so happy it is still so much fun to have a second life and such a vibrant fashion scene.


This morning we got up early while the USA was still sleeping, but the SLB16 fashion sims were already full. We made it anyway with a little patience and some tricks…

There are 5 sims with shops. If you make it to tp to one sim you can scroll with your camera to the sims next to it. Best you open the landmark in the map and double click to the sim with the fewest people (up to 40).


If you don’t make it just double click on the edges. There are waiting areas and you can scroll through the shops with your camera, grab the gifts and buy items easily.


Another tipp: just make notes of the sims and edges, where you have been already. It saves time to do this a bit organized!

There are gorgeous gifts from great vendors. A visit is well worth it. Good luck!

And have much fun and a great weekend,


Freda – Fashion and Accessories
Freda at the SL-Marketplace 
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Our looks:

Freda (left):
Dress: “Freda” Thea Dress Be Different
Shoes: “Freda” Jacky Sneakers Bunny
Necklace: (Yummy) Bang Bang Choker
Body: SLink Physique
Head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier
Shape and Face: selfmade
Hair: Luxuriah – Fija Curly Mesh Hair

Gretchen (right):
Wearing: “Freda” Mia Dress Mandala
Shoes: “Freda” Betty Denim Sandals
Sun Glasses: “Freda” group gift
Necklace: Caroline’s Admire (antique jewellry)
Ear Rings: Caroline’s Admire (antique jewellry)
Body: Maitreya Lara with default skin
Head: [AK] Lara Bento Head with default skin
Shape and Face: selfmade

Poses: XTC Queens Poses Set with bags (exclusive at EBP Jersey Shore until 30th June)

Location: SLB16 Shopping Event Sim

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EBP Jersey Shore Event is open

Freda – Fashion and Accessories takes part in a fun blingy event with a special exclusive, Izzy Dress, a sexy little sequins and beads dress.

The matching little bag is a 10 L$ special only valid at the event.
Click on the blue black shopping bag in the front of my booth.

Look at all these great exclusive items:

Or just come by!

And have fun on this sunny Sunday!

Love, Freda





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Cocktail of colors hunt

For this months hunt organized by Blossom Production I created a little bag in the “colors of cocktails”. I just love the creative themes and the beautiful hunt signs by Gia Blossom. Then I searched for a cocktail bar in the SL search and it was easy. There was just one search result of a colorful bar (sorry, no name here, but just do the search yourself) perfectly fitting my needs as a photo background.

Hunt will be until 30th June, so no hurry, but do not forget to grab the bags incl. an AO-friendly hold animation for L and R hand.

Here you’ll find the hints and landmarks:




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A super busy week…

Pheewww…this was a super busy week.
I gave myself a “work-life-balance”-week, which means I may click off RL work and do only SL designing. There are some cool events coming up and it is start of summer.

Summer means less cloth and this is why I have created 2 colorful bikini sets, one very tiny and sexy and the other perfect for the full figure, but also suitable for areas, where a tiny bikini is just not enough clothing.
They are now in the NEW department of my shop.


There is also a lovely little top reflecting a lot of my RL work. I am doing less sewing, but more dying, painting and printing on fabric. Some of my prints are working great to be implemented in my sl-clothing.


So I removed the sewing table and bought that fantastic work bench by Robin Sojourner, added some paint splatters, some paint tins and my latest creations, which will be exclusive items at Jersey Shore event, starting at 8 th June.

And slowly I am getting familiar with my new red head look and start to get comfy with the new face…

Much love,