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A Saturday for Recreation

SL can be outwearing at times when you run a business. Too often I forget myself and that SL offers so much more than creating clothes. So after fixing a wonky script I will spend a day at the beach today and looking forward to the big party at Purple Turtle Club tonight at the Rebirth Fashion Event.

Slink Physique Body
Genus Strong Head
The Skinnery Tzuyu Skin
Lamb. Garden Hair
(<) 1313 Dark Days Sunglasses

“Freda” Tilly Tank Top Art Deco
“Freda” Bella Bra Top Black Velvet
“Freda” Brooke Bikini Shorts
“Freda” Jacky Sneakers

Baja Coast, always a great place to relax and take pics

Have a great weekend!

Love, Freda

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The Brand New Rebirth Genesis Mesh Head

About half year ago Rebirth released their most versatile mesh body in SL. With just one body you can change your avi from a little kid, teen and grown-up, female and male – all-in-one.

Now they hit the grid again with a lovely mesh head, so easy to use, with endless options and with actually NO SEAMLINE at the neck!
All previous buyers of the body get the full set with a Redelivery in Rebirths store.

My review is by far not complete, but just a little overview. Best you go and get your DEMO.

Out of the box you just wear the head and the HUD.
A great set of skins and modifyable shapes are included.

You can wear any system skin or BOM skin. This saves you a lot of money. You just use the skins you already own.
Right on the top of the HUD you’ll find 4 morph options, which are changing the head slightly. This way you can adjust the head to the skin and choose the best looking option with just one click. Fantastic!

You can use the in-built eyes or any system or BOM eyes if you have BOM activated in the HUD. There are a lot of material settings and of course you can adjust size and position of your eyes.

The length of the lashes you adjust via the HUD.
For density and style you use the BOM appliers that come with the head.
Tip: You can combine the layers to design your own lashes style with just some clicks.

I have a lot of fun with the face AO, that is integrated in the main HUD.
The expressions are sliding into each other nice and smooth. The expressions are super cute.
There are several predefined sequences from happy to sad, tired to neutral, angry and more.

This avi comes to life with its lovely eye twinkle and small movements.

As with every mesh head the outcome highly depends on skin and shape.
With the Rebirth Genesis mesh head you get the morphs in addition.

This first mesh head from Rebirth is optimized for kids and teens and cute young male and females. They promised to come with more mesh heads soon. I am excited! And I will go on providing you with clothes for this great brand.

The mesh body and head you’ll get here:

and some lovely examples, shapes with style cards you’ll find here:

A pretty choice of clothes for Rebirth bodies you’ll find in my shop:

Enjoy your Sunday and have much fun!

Love, Freda

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A day at the Shop and Hop Event SLB18

Both girls are wearing:

Rebirth Eden Body
Rebirth Genesis Mesh Head (Release date 2nd July. It was an honour for me to test it. Thank you!)

alaskametro<3 “Yazmin” Classic/BoM leL skin Tone 4 ( Jubilant Sim)
Stix ~ Ziva the Summer Fae [SKIN]DEMO (Dahlia Sim)

tram J0826 hair / HUD-A
no.match_ ~ NO_WILL ~ Pack of BLONDS (from Hair Fair 2021, still running)

Roller Blades
Spoiled – Divine Roller Skates Candy (Halcycon Sim) a fantastic find! Great animations incl.

catNap.Hydrangea in Rain Earrings / purple (Poppy Sim)
Flowers necklace MapPea Plumeria Lei (Chickory Sim)

AO (last pic)
BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO After (Poppy Sim)

“Freda” Paula Bikini Orange and Lemon
“Freda” Malia Skirt Handwritten Black White
“Freda” Tilly Tank Top Tie Dye Orange
SL Marketplace:

Have a great day!

Love, Freda

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Do not forget the old places

Of course it is great to find new places, but I sadly saw so many fantastic sims go from the grid within 14 years of SL, that I am always happy to see a great place stay like Tempura Island, for me the most beautiful enchanted forest. So this is the place I made pics to showcase my contribution for the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt. 5 items for lovers of Green.

For more information go here:

The wonderful string necklace is also from the hunt btw and available at Chop Zuey.

Have a wonderful shopping and hunting weekend!

Love, Freda

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A mens world…

While I know there are so many more items for women to buy in SL than for men I had a hard time to spend money today. Being in shopping mode I strolled around in Cravone City, a NYC inspired sim. First I found this lovely barber shop.

I was wondering if they are able to do a quick hair dry. The rain has just stopped.

But nobody served me even if there was a big OPEN sign outside. Maybe closed/lost due to Covid 19…

I waited for a while, then went on with my little city trip.

Next I saw an interesting shop ” Scotch” with only mens stuff. Is this a mens sim???
I actually fell in love with some shades – no demo.

I don’ t know how many shades I already bought and never wore, because they didn’t suit me. Here again I just couldn’t resist, but wow, these are great!!!

I took a landmark and will go on exploring later. Maybe then I will find the girls corner of Cravone City :-).

Slink Physique Body with my own Shape
Genus Strong Head with my own Shape.
Skin: “The Skinnery” Mycha Peach
Hair: Magika – Shimmer Blonde
Lipstick: Cheap and Chic! HDL-D #03
Turtle Neck Sweater : “Freda” Jenna Sleeveless Sweater Black
Shorts: “Feda” Ria Ripped Denim Shorts Black
Rain Coat: “Freda” Antje Rain Coat Leopard Printed Patent Leather (new release)
Umbrella: “Freda” Ella Umbrella Leopard Pattern

Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you, that you do NOT need a rain coat but sun glasses!

Love, Freda

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Happy Easter!

We have been sooooo busy, sorry for being so quiet.
But today we just had to do a little easter egg shot in front of the store to wish you some delightful easter days.

The wonderful egg with poses we bought from M-BdP.
Clothing is from Freda – Fashion and Accessories.

And there is a hunt starting today:
The legendary Evil Bunny Hunt with more than 60 spots.

Find the two eggs between all the new rubber boots in the shop.

Much Love,

Freda and Leonie

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Rebirth Eden All-In-One Mesh Body Review

As promised I show you a little more of the Rebirth Eden mesh body today.

It is the most versatile mesh body available right now.
With one body you can “morph” your avi seamlessly from a little girl to an adult woman, to a male and back…

The Rebirth Eden Body is completely different from all other mesh bodies I tried. With all the versatility it is super easy to use and perfect for mesh body beginners.
The body comes with 10 skin tones and different shapes to start. The body is fully BoM (Bakes on Mesh), so you can use all system skins and BoM skins.
You can wear the mesh body with any mesh head you like.

To help you start with your shape there are 5 very different modifiable shapes included:
1. little girl
2. teen average
3. teen skinny
4. teen chubby
5. female
and 6. is my own adjusted Freda shape
The male version comes with 3 shapes.
You can adjust the body shapes with the SL appearance sliders.

The HUD is easy to understand. You get what you need with simple buttons and sliders on one page. There are no alpha buttons. You just use alpha layers coming with your clothing.

There are 3 breast options added to be used with the HUD – flat, small and normal.
This gives you the possibility to have real flat breasts and to make your kids realistic.
If you have your own favorite shape you most definitely have to rework it, because Rebirth is reacting very different from usual shapes.
I find it amazing how smoothly the transformation is working and how well clothing adjusts with up and down sizing this body.

Rebirth Eden is not the perfect super model body though, while I find super model bodies boring anyway. And if you like small and round, the charming chubby teen shape is just perfect for you. If you like small breasts, this body is for you, too.
The most fun for me is using the kids shape. It is so cute! Just take care you are not playing against Linden Labs policy regarding ageplay
And there are some sims where child avatars are not wanted. So take care for yourself and be respectful to others.

You need clothing, that is made for Rebirth Eden body.
There is a growing choice of new clothing items inworld and on the MP. The creators of the body are selling clothing in their main store and some independent designers like me are working hard on new releases.

You need to have resizable unrigged hair, if you want to use the kids shape and teens shape. I shrinked my hair 12% – 15% for the kids avatar and 5% – 10% for the teen shapes.

You can use all unrigged flat shoes and stiff boots. For high heels, pumps and sandals you need shoes especially made for Rebirth Eden. I really hope there will be a fine choice of shoes soon.

Next week I will give you some tipps of styling a kids avatar with Rebirth Eden.

Take care, stay healthy and have fun,

Credits and links:

Rebirth Eden Main Store (go get the demo!)

My head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery
Short black Hair: tram I0618 hair
AO with hyper active movements: BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Hare
all clothing and shoes by me: “Freda”

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Little Rebel

Some time ago I was asked if I want to design for a brand new mesh body Rebirth Eden.
I loved the amazing concept to be able to simply slide down the avi from normal height to teen and kids size with just one body.

Today I only show some images. Its been so much fun to play with the little rebel, go shopping new hair, a new AO and update some of my clothing.
A review showing HUD and possibilities of the Rebirth body will follow.

BoM clothing works like a charm without any adjustments, like the pantyhoses and a tank top I found in my inventory.

Hair and shoes for the kid have to be unrigged and resizable. Unfortunately the curly Freda hair is not resizable, so that I decided to create an all new character.
Mesh clothing must be rigged newly and for tight tops you need to do various breast options (flat, small, normal). I love challenges, so I upgraded some of my newest mesh creations.

Below you can see the difference between my kids avi and my twin sis Fredda.

Credits kids avi:

Body: Rebirth Eden –
Head: Genus Strong Face
Shape: reworked kids shape, that has been in the sales package of the body
Skin: The Skinnery BoM Skin Tzuyu toffee
Hair: tram Jo026 (with a resize button on the HUD, perfect!)
Jewelry: Kunglers Margot Necklace, Supernatural Midnight Choker
Clothing: Freda – Fashion and Accessories
at the inworld shop all clothing for Rebirth is marked with the Rebirth logo:

Clothing items: Jenna Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater, different Pantyhoses BoM, Cilli Cyber Boots, Ria Ripped Denim Shorts, Olga Sweater and Sweatshirt with Paint Stains

Have fun and stay healthy!

Love, Freda