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#flattenthecurve Group Gift Statement Top

#flattenthecurve is the slogan to make clear to everybody how important it is to slow down the speed of infections with the corona virus.


This is the only way to prevent the health systems all over the world from breaking down. And it was never as easy as now to safe life, your own and others, with just staying home in your real life whenever possible.

With my newest group gift (coming with a HUD in 6 colors) I ask you please to spread the word, make others aware of how important it is to think about your behavior. Every single one can help.


We are gifted as SL residents, that we can meet friends in a safe place just through the computer.


Why not asking some family members to join SL to meet?
I did this years ago and my mom had a lot of fun meeting me in SL, dressing up her avi and noticing, that many things are much more easy (shopping) or just as difficult (dating) as in real life.

Stay safe, take very good care for yourself and your beloved ones.
Together we will make it through these hard times!

Love, Freda

The statement top you’ll find in the entrance area of my shop:

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My own private BOM-flea market

Wading through my own inventory is actually like a visit at the flea market, just getting all for free…


With a bom (bakes on mesh) – ready mesh body you can wear (old) system skins and clothing on your mesh body with just one click.
If you love to layer clothing and make your own combinations, this is for you. On the image above I wear a mesh bra above a skin tight shirt and wide brocade belt from my own former collection (Freda’s Fine Fashion). In winter I really missed those over more than 10 years old knitted long socks (LeeZu Baxter). Now I can wear them with all kinds of mesh shorts (Pia open Shorts by Freda – Fashion and Accessories).
Due to the lower resolution of older textures (512 x 512) the look of the patterns is a little bit more blurry than newer clothing, but hey, grungy and handmade is a huge trend and I find the items are still looking great!


Even this system top with a knitted jacket (Last Call by Ginny Talamasca, an incredible talented designer, who unfortunately has passed away much too young and was a huge loss for SL fashionistas back then) is looking good combined with those extra ordinary zebra tights and a tartan mesh shorts.

Just take the best from both systems and wear the skin tight system clothing under well shaped and loose fitting mesh clothing. Take care on matching colors and save your new fun outfits as an outfit or in special folders.
Many of the old clothing is no copy, but modify. Use it to adjust colors.

This is what BOM is fantastic for:
– Underwear and fine lingerie
– Skin tight shirts
– Skin tight leggins
– Socks and tights


I even love to wear two jeans over each other.
The long tight vintage jeans ( ALB by AnaLee Balut, who is still designing and selling her colorful clothing) and the hand painted denim open shorts and vest (Freda – Fashion and Accessories).
The absolutely adorable shirt was one of my very first shirts from 2007 (by Chip Midnight, a designer who is in SL from 2003!) and I have worn it so much, because it has always been beautiful and special. This too, is still or again very trendy and makes a great top to be worn under jackets.

These are only some pieces and designers I was missing with the new mesh body system and I am more than happy about BOM. Is is easy to use and I love to see what I wear in the “worn” tab, while you never see what applier you had on your body when using omega or body appliers.

Now another theme is skins.
If you are used to your mesh body skin from a special skin company you have to get the reworked system skin to look the same. Some designers charge extra for the bom system skin parts.
Update: The Skinnery answered to me on FB and indeed with a redelivery you’ll get the previously purchased body and head skin applier packages incl. bom-system skins for free. Thank you!

One disadvantage of BOM is, that the skins and clothing layers are mirrored again like in the early days. So one spot or tattoo on the right side will also be on the left side of your body. There are attempts to fix that, but they are more complicated than just one click.

While I am super happy to step back from the onion skins of my previous mesh body to one single mesh with baked on textures I am not ready to update my head. I just love all the applier make up options that need the different layers. This means I will have to live with the visible cut on the neck where head and body meet and the textures are never matching unless you buy both skins again and accept the Price and disadvantages.
Gladly I have some great necklaces to cover the seam line when needed.

Lets see how often I will switch from the BOM-body to my perfect onion skin-body without bom function and back. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading this long text until the end. I’d love to read about your experiences with BOM in the comments.

Have a great day,

Love, Freda

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After months of hearing and reading about BOM I went to Slink last weekend to get the free update for my mesh body.


I admit I am not the type of “happily running to get the newest of the new”. I am rather the “never touch a running system” girl updating my viewer when SL does not let me in anymore :-). This is how you look when you are trying to use BOM (bakes on mesh) with the old Firestorm viewer.


After the update of the viewer the fun begins. You just search for an old system skin and for some old system clothing. As I am 13 years in SL my inventory is full of it, packed away in a separate folder “old clothes”.
I am also the type of “never throw away anything, you might need later even if it is old stuff” – luckily in this case!

For the newer users:
a system skin in the inventory is marked with that little body sign in front.
And the system clothing is marked with a garment sign matching the spot it is made for while the newer appliers are just a yellow cube like an attachment. After playing around a little while I created a new folder for the clothing I still like and that is still useful.
In addition you need to apply an alpha mask to make the whole system body transparent with or without head, depending on your avi.
Then you just click the skin and the clothing parts and they will apply to your mesh body.


For now I have only tested the Slink body.
Siddean Munro from Slink has done an amazing job!

The new HUD is very clear and there are so many useful functions coming with it. I really missed all my old socks and tights in winter. There are not many appliers available. As you can see on the above image there is even a socks option to make the tip of the socks realistic. Oh how I love my Slink feet!!!

Another useful function is the “Smooth bottom”. Below you can see the difference. The pants is not disappearing between your buttocks, but looking much more realistic than in the early days of SL. The same is for the shirts in front, which have a smooth area between the breasts when Shirt stretch is set on. Fantastic for lingerie!


Later today I will show you what I found in my “old clothes” folder and how you can make the best out of BOM and how you deal with difficulties, because like with everything new, with the advantages there are also coming some difficulties.

Love, Freda

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Kowloon and the 100 story building


Last night I hurried to see the 100 story building before it gets removed. It’s been a project since December. People could buy a floor, put it on top and decorate it to their liking, a wonderful idea.


I intended to walk upstairs, but well, after the 3rd floor I got short of air and a bit dizzy. So I just stood still and used my camera to get to the top.


Yes, I know I have to update my viewer… I still see the BOM thing as a yellow texture with letters like the girl on tops legs, shame on me.


She was a bit very close to the edge, but she didn’t fall while I was moving my camera down. I guess she was just happy, that she made it to the top.


It is so hard to decide which images I show here from my way down, looking at all those lovingly decorated little private spaces.

The diversity is just blowing me away. It is just touching, how different people fill the same space. This one could be student from Berlin hanging his bike on the wall.


I like the room in the center a lot. This is your room, Seraphim, is it?
So cute and cosy with the fresh grass and flowers.


Some like it futuristic, some just normal and cosy…


Some show their dark side…


and another one loves to look at the stars.
I love the guard rail in the room with the graffiti on the wall.


It is just a strange mood to go back down through the rough grey staircase after having seen so much beauty, fantasy and colors.


Then I strolled a little through the streets of Kowloon, well worth a visit, too. Glad I did not have to read the street names to get home. I would have been totally lost.


If you read this while there is still time to visit the 100 story building, go do it! Now it is still in the destinations guide.

Have fun,
Love, Freda

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It is my rez day and you get a 50% off sale


Unbelievable – it is already 13 years, that I signed up for Second Life. I am happy to see it is still an incredible vibrant community and especially the fashion scene.

The avatars have improved so much and we are so beautiful now. Thank you Linden Lab! It is great to have a second life.

The sale is only inworld:

Have fun shopping and enjoy your Sunday,

Love Freda


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Freda has been at the hairdresser!

Shortly before my 13th rez day (or is it rezz day?) I met a lady at a party with wonderful curly flexi hair. She pointed me at Analog Dog and I spent a little fortune on new hair. A pity you can only wear one at a time.


As I still miss the flexis within all that mesh clothing I am happy to have a wonderful soft and very well made movement in my new hair. Also the glasses have been a great find recently. You have to hurry as the designer “Inkhole” is closing their store by the end of February.

Freda is wearing:
Body: SLink Physique Original
Head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier
Eye Shadow: Alaskametro Winter Beauty
Lipstick: L’Etre – Genus Sand Lipstick (Shop & Hop Event Gift)
Shape and Face Shape: selfmade
Hair: Analog Dog – AD-Senoa – light browns
Turtle Neck Sweater: “Freda” Jenna Sleeveless Knitted Top beige
Glasses: Inkhole – Trianglix Glasses
Necklace: Supernatural – Onyx Set Fatpack
The cord comes from my gym bag backpack 

I made these pictures in our SL home and the background scene is by Kazaa.

Enjoy your SL,
Love, Freda

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Exploring and test driving the new backpacks

Sunday is for recreation. So we explored some places from the destinations guide and found a beautiful natural sim “The Four Seasons”, wonderful to walk and ride the bike and test drive the brand new gym bags.


The Link to the beautiful island is here:

The link to get the gym bags is here:

Have fun and enjoy your Sunday!

Love, Freda




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The business woman 2020…

Sometimes it just needs that serious straight business outfit like a skirt suit. It was hard to find in SL, so I created it and gave it a stylish touch by adding a trendy big flower pattern.

Combined with a versatile little sleeveless turtle neck sweater, this outfit is dressy, but chic. You can buy and wear all items separately, because I love layering and making my own combinations. The jacket is wide enough to be worn with most of your own skirts and pants.

Have a great weekend (off of work)!

Love, Freda

Jenna Jacket, Jenna Skirt (flower pattern, tweed and pinstripes) and Jenna Sleeveless Top available:
 “Freda” on SL marketplace
“Freda” inworld:

Office walls with window:
Foxcity Photo Booth – Escape (With window)
Table and black office chair:
Corn Dining Table No.2 and Metal Chair No.4
Desk lamp and red chair:
Dutchie retro bedside table lamp and barstool
Magazines: [WM] Fashion Magazines (1 Hundred.)
Table, pen, keyboard: .peaches. The Fianna Tablet Set
Computer Screen: a very old item with my own texture

Gretchen (left) is wearing:
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara and Lara Bento Head with default skin
Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 49
Boots: Addams Pandora Suede Boots

Freda (right)
SLink Physique Original Mesh Body with Genus Strong Mesh Head
Hair red curly: Luxuriah Fija
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier
Hair blonde: Magika – Shimmer
Skin: WOW Skins Muse Milk Omega Applier
Boots: Slink Sigourney Boots Ochre

Poses: Nanika Poses Set Girl with Tablet

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Wow, it is not just a new year, but a whole new decennium!



Fredas limited time christmas group gift, a warm and cosy padded jacket with sweater for SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, Classic and Tonic, a fat pack with 8 colors/styles will only be available until 6th January. So don’t miss thisone.

SLURL Freda:

Gretchen (left) and Freda (right) are wearing:

Jacket with Sweater: “Freda” Luana Padded Jacket (Group Gift)
Pants: “Freda” Fiona Satin Pants light pink
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Doc Martens purple
Body: SLink Physique
Head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery Tzuyu Genus Applier
Eye Shadow: Alaskametro Winter Beauty
Lipstick: L’Etre – Genus Sand Lipstick (Shop & Hop Event Gift)
Shape and Face: selfmade
Hair: Luxuriah – Fija Curly Mesh Hair

Jacket with Sweater: “Freda” Luana Padded Jacket (Group Gift)
Pants: “Freda” Jenna Shorts Pinstripes black
Shoes: “Addams” Pandora Suede Boots
Pantyhose: Izzie’s Sheer Tights (Shop & Hop Event special price)
Body: Maitreya Lara with default skin
Head: [AK] Lara Bento Head with default skin
Shape and Face: selfmade
Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 49

Location: MERRYVILLE – HOLIDAYS AT CAY’s, a lovingly decorated winter sim with falling snow and a great place for music events.

Have a wonderful happy, prosperous and most of all, healthy new year!

Love Freda