I have recently changed my collections on the Second Life Marketplace to direct delivery. Around 400 items. It was a hell of a job, but I did it and I am glad I made it to keep my creations alive for all those who don’t know them yet. Most of it is so unique and classical, that they are still cool to buy and wear. So enjoy and have fun.
SL is still a great place to meet, play and dress yourself up.

Women’s collection

Men’s fashion

Fredas Fine Fashion Second Life Shop


Upcoming Fashion Event – The IFD

An impressive lineup of 24 runway shows in 24 hours! Sponsored by the RL Fashion powerhouse PRCouture.com which is visited by over 15,000 unique visitors a month, this unprecedented event will bridge the gap between virtual and material fashion.

The International Fashion Day (IFD) in 2009 will connect both fashion worlds… Fashion Is a Culture. Fashion is the Future. And the Future is Tomorrow…. Save the date.

Coming to you on Saturday, September 5th from 12 PM PDT to Saturday, September 6th at 12 PM PDT.

GLANCE International Agency’s blog


SL6B The Virtual Dressingroom

You love shopping?

In SL or in RL or in both worlds? Let us know in a short 5 question survey about shopping and fashion:

The Virtual Dressingroom – Survey

Why this?
To celebrate the 6th SL birthday I took part in the big exhibition of more than 400 designers, builders, artists and agencys.
The Virtual Dressingroom is showing my vision of connecting rl and sl-shopping.
Its tiring, stressy and annoying sometimes to get the fitting clothing items in real life. Would it be easier and more fun to go shopping in SL, try the clothes , test them and then order them to wear them in real life?

Let us know with the survey but don’t miss the great SL6B exhibiton and heres the link to start at The Virtual Dressingroom.
A giftpackage is there waiting for you of course as usual 🙂

-> SL6B

Have fun and a great weekend!
Hugs, Freda

The Virtual Dressingroom

Virtual Shopping

GL OMG Another Hunt

Its officially started!

Whoopsie….Freda slipped into the paint bucket while designing…again!
But its spring, nearly summer, so what….

This slurl leads you to the starting point and its only 18 shops to go to get that gift. Happy hunting!!!

slurl -> 



Fashion Photographies

Exhibition of the georgeous fashion photographies of Valeria Pienaar


Freda’s Fine Fashion, Knieff

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all are well back again. I am having a great time with my SL-friend in Austria, yes in RL 🙂
Relaxing with snow and sun and feeling great…woohooo…no work to do….

Hug you all, Freda


Closing of my shops

Freda’s Fine Fashion and Fredas For Men are closing

There will be a big final sale from 28th December – 10th January – all items are marked down to 100 L$

After that date my clothes will be off the grid. I made that decision, because keeping the business running is just too timeconsuming and I want to develop myself further and step forward into new fields.
I will not stop making pixel clothes, I am too addicted to it. I just stop making clothes for SL. And I dont think you are missing me too much, as there are so many great designers in SL, busy like bees…doing great stuff 🙂

Last of all, I am NOT leaving SL. I love SL and it will stay my home location. So you can talk to me whenever you want while I am busy with freebie hunting, redecorating my house or bothering designers about refunds or not delivered items :-)))

Hugs, Freda


SLurl to Freda’s Fine Fashion