Visitors at the greenhouse

It’s a very nice place to be with friends, my greenhouse. These are Jollie and Merlin.



King Wodan and Princess Freda

at a castle, don’t know which, just went with him and my heart was beating so heavily…


Help with the LoopRez

It is great to have a boyfriend with technical talent. Wodan helped me to reset the creators name of my flexiskirts as I was not able to do that on my own…I am good at making fashion, but these scripting things…oh no.

We had to do it 3 times, cause I made mistakes all the time and he is sooo patient…


Concert of Kurt Bestor

I am missing my friends as I spend so much time with my work and Wodan. But sometimes he is busy and so I went to a concert this evening together with Jen and Ramada. It was fabulous!



Pathways and Sign

The greenhouse is my meeting-point now and I built up a sign with the new Fashion Design Studio-Logo. Looks very professional. I am very proud of it. Ike deCuir designed the Logo and he did it very good!

I created a landing point in front of the sign and some pathways to the buildings and also one to our new pool and Wodan’s house.


New Parcel

Wodan bought another parcel, the one between him and me from his ex-girlfriend (who is very very jealous now, as I am together with him…unbelievable. SHE left him!) One part of the parcel he gave to me to have more prims and so I moved my black and white office-building.
I am dreaming of a greenhouse since a long time and now I have the space. So I went and bought a great greenhouse, that we built up together. Omg…so much fun…it needed 4 seconds to build up itself around us and we laughed and laughed and couldn’t stop anymore…


No longer exploring alone

and Wodan always finds something new to show me, for example this wonderful rainforest with very romantic hidden places to cuddle…I am so happy!