Choice of picks

…is not easy. This picture I was unsure if to put it on a display or if it is too crazy. So we made a new constellation, but anyway I want to show it to you in the blog, cause I love it 🙂



New Releases

Today we’ ve made pictures of the new releases together with Gretchen. That was big fun as you can see. So come around and have a look at the shop. I am worrying that it is getting too small soon. Have to think about that problem…


Pleon Islands

Another job for Fashion Design Studio: clothes for the stuff of Pleon Islands: supporter and recruiter – 3 sets. We had to do the design and producing, fitting to the CI of the company, the islands and the logo. A classical, conservative style was requested.
Here it is…




The birthday of SecondLife

And directely to the next event: the 4th birthday of SL. The organizers just decided to make an area for designers to show there works…just 3 prims for each. And that was a great advertising. My LM-giver had been used very often within this week.
It was a wonderful event, so much space full of art and buildings and a lot of people…



Producing the ad

Checking the result on the computer and making some changings, adding the text and the logo and sending it out.


The final pick

…but I underestimated four live models, all four asking questions all at once: what to wear, what hair, what make up, which shoes, what pose, which place…And suddenly one looked much better from the front and the other didn’t look good in a special outfit. I had to change everything. And they have been so cooperative and patient…great girls!
But at the end and two hours later we had a great shot and Photoshop did the rest. You can see the result at issue no.9




Ad for SecondStyle Magazine

The next issue no.9 was coming up and I had to hurry to finish an ad. The idea: 4 girls on a white couch in front of a white wall. The white couch I got from Cela. She is making very nice furmitures as well. I thought I prepared everything very well for the pick, testing the poses, testing the light…