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Last Preparations

for the party tonight, fixing the lights and testing the danceballs and the musicstream, placing the freebies. I hope a lot of people will join. I’m very excited already…


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Something quite new

As we all know undressing in SL is boring. There is only “wear” and “take off”. So we found a solution to undress in soft steps. Here is the result with an example. I hope all the couples in SL have a lot of fun with my couple-versions of my most sexiest dresses. You can buy it as an add on, as some people just want the complete dress only. And so you also can buy it if you already own the dress.


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The Garden

is nearly finished and I am very proud of the result. At night the lightbulbs are looking great and the rosegarden is very romantic. I’ve bought a sheep helping to keep the grass short, but this animals knows what’s good…and only eats roses.