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New releases – Fishnet dresses

spring is not far away anymore, so show some skin, still well-packed with long sleeves, but….lots of little holes…:-)))We even tried to make an evening gown out of it, very unusual. And I love it, hope you too. Both styles in 5 colors each.



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My first SL-birthday :-)

…was celebrated with a big party between my again increased shops. Lots of friends, customers and businesspartners danced the night away to the wonderful soft tunes of Rabbit Hutchison, who helped, when my booked dj had technical probs. People have been sooo patient! Thank you, thank you 🙂

On the new second floor I installed a gallery with my first year SL-picks as long as I don’t need the space for new clothes.


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Lifting up the shop into the sky

this fog on the sim has athmosphere, but it sucks. People dont read signs, how to avoid it. So I decided to lift both shops up , 40 meters higher above the fog-area. No worries, the landing-point will lead you to the right position if using the old LM and there is a teleporter, too, on the ground. This was an action! Moving about 1000 prims on one step… 🙂