My first SL-birthday :-)

…was celebrated with a big party between my again increased shops. Lots of friends, customers and businesspartners danced the night away to the wonderful soft tunes of Rabbit Hutchison, who helped, when my booked dj had technical probs. People have been sooo patient! Thank you, thank you 🙂

On the new second floor I installed a gallery with my first year SL-picks as long as I don’t need the space for new clothes.



2 Responses to “My first SL-birthday :-)”

  1. Ake Says:

    Huhu Cheffin ^^

    was a wonderful party, the first one that i can stay longer and have fun, the dj was really super and you were looking one year younger 😉

    and what a good friends u have hahaha

    kisses …

    Akelei Schnyder 😛

  2. akeleisworld Says:

    ich habe ein wordpress für mich gemacht, so dann kann ich besser die Link erstellen.



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