The result, a part of the avatars in traditional clothes

Find all in my studio inworld or on the Museum Dusseldorf-sim. Ask me for a Landmark! Its worth to have a look on it, awesome building.









Clothes-making went on…time was running

The last clothes are to be finished, other people needed them to work with it, make animations and a kind of paperdoll-system running on the computer. Glad I nearly was in time, but had to make a rest of 2 days, couldn’t look out of my eyes anymore :-((….all done. And got so much approval! :-)))





Headpieces for the project

For the headpieces I had great help of Ikaros Kappler, also a great builder, especially for the little things…

The finishing and texturing I made by myself.




My new home and studio

I even got a new place to live and work on Magix. A wonderful piece of beach, where I rezzed my work platform, my first little black and white house, which I still love and other things I love. The favourite place of all guests is the delivery box. So I keep it standing even if it looks a bit messy there :-))) Thats me…





working for the project

While Akelei was creating the avatars and went shopping skins and hair all day long…oh, I was jealous, but I was too busy to go by myself :-((( I started to make the clothes. Traditional folklore clothes for 4 ethnical groups living in Düsseldorf and exhibited and used at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf in beginning of April.




Building goes on and on…

It went slowly, but it went on, one by one the buildings have been grown and got a roof, the plants had to be chosen and set and at the end I happily set the displays. The new location is open: Magix (212,66,33)

A very big womens shop, a big mens shop with a bar downstairs and a great new gallery and office to exhibit my projects and meet customers.








Cultural Virtualities – a multicultural project

While Almut was building my assistant Akelei and me worked on a new project with pressure. 16 avatars had been done and 16 sets of clothes. We had a lot of fun especially with the kid-avatars and Akelei loved to bother Almut, not knowing, that she was it behind the girlie, who wanted to divert her…lol.