Fancy city-suits

A night at the city

This week it’s time to make the guys look great with the striped suit and the solid color suit in fancy colors, the Freda’s Male Fashion newest releases that will bring out the edginess of the season.

This unique outfit comes in five colors (red, blue, orange, pink and turquoise) for the gentleman who dares to be stylish. It comes with two options of jackets an open and a closed jacket, both with pants, and ties. 


The funny shirts are available in matching colors with flowers or a wild 60s pattern.




Elegance comes in sexy stripes, and that’s what you get with this suit. The main outfit comes with a striped suit, one closed shirt and two jacket options – open and closed. Colors available:  dark gray, blue, brown, green, offwhite and yellow.

There is also an extension pack where you get tie options (tight and loose), and a sleeve widener to wear with the jacket to give the sleeves a realistic look. The extension pack brings also pants in solid color to do some mix-match with the main striped suit. 


Freds For Men

…brought to you by MacPhista Lemmon

Pics by Mariela Sands



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