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Closing of my shops

Freda’s Fine Fashion and Fredas For Men are closing

There will be a big final sale from 28th December – 10th January – all items are marked down to 100 L$

After that date my clothes will be off the grid. I made that decision, because keeping the business running is just too timeconsuming and I want to develop myself further and step forward into new fields.
I will not stop making pixel clothes, I am too addicted to it. I just stop making clothes for SL. And I dont think you are missing me too much, as there are so many great designers in SL, busy like bees…doing great stuff 🙂

Last of all, I am NOT leaving SL. I love SL and it will stay my home location. So you can talk to me whenever you want while I am busy with freebie hunting, redecorating my house or bothering designers about refunds or not delivered items :-)))

Hugs, Freda


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Rockin around the christmas tree

Rockin around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas party hop.  Mistletoe hung where you can see. Ev’ry Couple tries to stop.  You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear singing “let’s be jolly; Deck the halls with boughs of holly” Rockin around the Christmas Tree. have a happy holiday.  Everyone’s dancing merrily in a new old fashioned way!  Come on down to Freda’s Fine Fashions and she will have this christmas all decked out in Rockin Around.  This hip outfit is great for those holiday skating parties and finding that perfect tree.  So come on down and rock around with Freda at Freda’s Fine Fashion and have a Happy Holiday!!


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Christmas Wish

Jolly Freda Fredriksson Lean your ear this way. Don’t you tell a single soul what I’m gonna say. Christmas eve is coming soon, now my dear designer. Whisper what you’ll bring to me, I can’t think of anything finer.
Make it red, make it blue. Make it brown and black. Make it of lace and furry things, sending shivers down his back. Santa Freda Hurry soon I can hardly wait. This is my Christmas Wish for which I anticipate. Christmas Wish now available at Freda’s FIne Fashion!


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