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SL6B The Virtual Dressingroom

You love shopping?

In SL or in RL or in both worlds? Let us know in a short 5 question survey about shopping and fashion:

The Virtual Dressingroom – Survey

Why this?
To celebrate the 6th SL birthday I took part in the big exhibition of more than 400 designers, builders, artists and agencys.
The Virtual Dressingroom is showing my vision of connecting rl and sl-shopping.
Its tiring, stressy and annoying sometimes to get the fitting clothing items in real life. Would it be easier and more fun to go shopping in SL, try the clothes , test them and then order them to wear them in real life?

Let us know with the survey but don’t miss the great SL6B exhibiton and heres the link to start at The Virtual Dressingroom.
A giftpackage is there waiting for you of course as usual 🙂

-> SL6B

Have fun and a great weekend!
Hugs, Freda

The Virtual Dressingroom

Virtual Shopping