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Skin Fair 2019

Skin Fair is one of the biggest annual events in SL and almost everybody is very excited about it. I wanted to use this chance to find a mesh head at last!

You can find many informations about the skin fair and a link to a great movie by Strawberry Singh here:

The fair with around 200 participants is placed on 2 sims and visitors avatar complexity is limited to 50.000, a good step to a halfway good user experience.

So first I put on what I absolutely needed: my mesh body and hair.
My “Freda” Mia dress and a pair of high heels added up to 44.000. Perfect!

It took me about 3 hours to look at every booth that caught my eye.
I got tons of Demos of all big and small brands mesh heads with matching skins and shapes.



It took me another 3 hours to unpack and to try all those demos.
I was really willing to get a mesh head at last, so I did this with patience (not my thing usually) and care. I edited my shape and I tried everything, tested huds, turned sliders…
I looked into many strange faces, that were so far away from myself like Mars and just not me. It was frustrating and I better do not show any pictures of this process.

I remember I had the same problem 11 years ago, when I searched for a new skin.
Then there was the moment when I discovered Pulse skins. I looked at the vendor pic and I looked into a familiar face.
I still wear my Pulse Skin “Elegance” and even if many make ups are outdated I still feel very well with the nude lipstick and dark eye shadow.
Here comes a late “thank you” to Lorac Farella who sadly left SL (said so in her last blog post) in 2016. Who knows maybe one day she comes back like I did it…

Maybe one day it will be possible to bake my face on a mesh head matching my shape.
So no mesh head at this time. And nobody can say I did not try it. I did!!!

Love from good old Freda system face.




Good night!





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