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Kowloon and the 100 story building


Last night I hurried to see the 100 story building before it gets removed. It’s been a project since December. People could buy a floor, put it on top and decorate it to their liking, a wonderful idea.


I intended to walk upstairs, but well, after the 3rd floor I got short of air and a bit dizzy. So I just stood still and used my camera to get to the top.


Yes, I know I have to update my viewer… I still see the BOM thing as a yellow texture with letters like the girl on tops legs, shame on me.


She was a bit very close to the edge, but she didn’t fall while I was moving my camera down. I guess she was just happy, that she made it to the top.


It is so hard to decide which images I show here from my way down, looking at all those lovingly decorated little private spaces.

The diversity is just blowing me away. It is just touching, how different people fill the same space. This one could be student from Berlin hanging his bike on the wall.


I like the room in the center a lot. This is your room, Seraphim, is it?
So cute and cosy with the fresh grass and flowers.


Some like it futuristic, some just normal and cosy…


Some show their dark side…


and another one loves to look at the stars.
I love the guard rail in the room with the graffiti on the wall.


It is just a strange mood to go back down through the rough grey staircase after having seen so much beauty, fantasy and colors.


Then I strolled a little through the streets of Kowloon, well worth a visit, too. Glad I did not have to read the street names to get home. I would have been totally lost.


If you read this while there is still time to visit the 100 story building, go do it! Now it is still in the destinations guide.

Have fun,
Love, Freda


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One thought on “Kowloon and the 100 story building

  1. Yes, that is my ‘level’, Freda! There sure are a lot of styles and themes, there, aren’t there? Probably my two absolute faves are the two just below mine, but I also really like the one with the toy dinosaur and the strange tree and the pink pouffe (:

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