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My own private BOM-flea market

Wading through my own inventory is actually like a visit at the flea market, just getting all for free…


With a bom (bakes on mesh) – ready mesh body you can wear (old) system skins and clothing on your mesh body with just one click.
If you love to layer clothing and make your own combinations, this is for you. On the image above I wear a mesh bra above a skin tight shirt and wide brocade belt from my own former collection (Freda’s Fine Fashion). In winter I really missed those over more than 10 years old knitted long socks (LeeZu Baxter). Now I can wear them with all kinds of mesh shorts (Pia open Shorts by Freda – Fashion and Accessories).
Due to the lower resolution of older textures (512 x 512) the look of the patterns is a little bit more blurry than newer clothing, but hey, grungy and handmade is a huge trend and I find the items are still looking great!


Even this system top with a knitted jacket (Last Call by Ginny Talamasca, an incredible talented designer, who unfortunately has passed away much too young and was a huge loss for SL fashionistas back then) is looking good combined with those extra ordinary zebra tights and a tartan mesh shorts.

Just take the best from both systems and wear the skin tight system clothing under well shaped and loose fitting mesh clothing. Take care on matching colors and save your new fun outfits as an outfit or in special folders.
Many of the old clothing is no copy, but modify. Use it to adjust colors.

This is what BOM is fantastic for:
– Underwear and fine lingerie
– Skin tight shirts
– Skin tight leggins
– Socks and tights


I even love to wear two jeans over each other.
The long tight vintage jeans ( ALB by AnaLee Balut, who is still designing and selling her colorful clothing) and the hand painted denim open shorts and vest (Freda – Fashion and Accessories).
The absolutely adorable shirt was one of my very first shirts from 2007 (by Chip Midnight, a designer who is in SL from 2003!) and I have worn it so much, because it has always been beautiful and special. This too, is still or again very trendy and makes a great top to be worn under jackets.

These are only some pieces and designers I was missing with the new mesh body system and I am more than happy about BOM. Is is easy to use and I love to see what I wear in the “worn” tab, while you never see what applier you had on your body when using omega or body appliers.

Now another theme is skins.
If you are used to your mesh body skin from a special skin company you have to get the reworked system skin to look the same. Some designers charge extra for the bom system skin parts.
Update: The Skinnery answered to me on FB and indeed with a redelivery you’ll get the previously purchased body and head skin applier packages incl. bom-system skins for free. Thank you!

One disadvantage of BOM is, that the skins and clothing layers are mirrored again like in the early days. So one spot or tattoo on the right side will also be on the left side of your body. There are attempts to fix that, but they are more complicated than just one click.

While I am super happy to step back from the onion skins of my previous mesh body to one single mesh with baked on textures I am not ready to update my head. I just love all the applier make up options that need the different layers. This means I will have to live with the visible cut on the neck where head and body meet and the textures are never matching unless you buy both skins again and accept the Price and disadvantages.
Gladly I have some great necklaces to cover the seam line when needed.

Lets see how often I will switch from the BOM-body to my perfect onion skin-body without bom function and back. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading this long text until the end. I’d love to read about your experiences with BOM in the comments.

Have a great day,

Love, Freda


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