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Another 3 sims to do Shop & Hop and a very useful link list of the event.

Did you see the fantastic LM list to every single shop of the event ? A MUST see! Link List Shop and Hop event I printed it on 7 pages and made my notes for an easy get back later for items I had to rethink before buying. Saving so much time…


The most generous and useful gift I found is given by Infinite Furniture at Frosted Region – a NY loft skybox flooded with day light, wonderful for making indoor pics.


My favorite clothing gift I got from Stories and Co. at Frosted Region – this lovely little short pants and as a big exception, also for the Slink Physique Original body. Thank you!


My finger just clicked “buy” from alone when I saw these great big shoulder bags fatpack by ANE at Halcycon Region. I know it is difficult to rig such a bag, so it is a bit far from the body, but allows to be worn with thick clothing, too. I just love it


Here I was thinking, if I really need that fantastic swimming pool with slider, from Aphrodite Shop, also at Halcycon. But unfortunately it doesn’t fit in the snow region, where I got my land.


This designer ( Myth at Gleaming Region) really made it to install a wide and highly atmospheric beach and garden set-up within the little stall. Incredible and lovely items!


Ever wanted to learn making your own pottery? It is super easy with MUSUs Pottery Wheel at Halcycon Region.


If you are less for a NY loft, but more for a minimal tent living, this gift by Fantavatar & Moonstruck at Aurelian Region is for you. Very cute with several animations.


You have to watch well, that those old and grungy robots don’t eat you when you sleep outside… the lovely guys are made by [C8] and to be seen at Jubilant Region.


Another lovely gift set, a rose tiara and neck band by Tentacio at Halcycon Region.


And this is the end :-). I just fell in love with that octopus hair by BONBON, so cute. You can wear the beast and the hair separately btw and you get so many color options. I can’t wait to make the next photo session.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Love, Freda




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