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Rebirth Eden All-In-One Mesh Body Review

As promised I show you a little more of the Rebirth Eden mesh body today.

It is the most versatile mesh body available right now.
With one body you can “morph” your avi seamlessly from a little girl to an adult woman, to a male and back…

The Rebirth Eden Body is completely different from all other mesh bodies I tried. With all the versatility it is super easy to use and perfect for mesh body beginners.
The body comes with 10 skin tones and different shapes to start. The body is fully BoM (Bakes on Mesh), so you can use all system skins and BoM skins.
You can wear the mesh body with any mesh head you like.

To help you start with your shape there are 5 very different modifiable shapes included:
1. little girl
2. teen average
3. teen skinny
4. teen chubby
5. female
and 6. is my own adjusted Freda shape
The male version comes with 3 shapes.
You can adjust the body shapes with the SL appearance sliders.

The HUD is easy to understand. You get what you need with simple buttons and sliders on one page. There are no alpha buttons. You just use alpha layers coming with your clothing.

There are 3 breast options added to be used with the HUD – flat, small and normal.
This gives you the possibility to have real flat breasts and to make your kids realistic.
If you have your own favorite shape you most definitely have to rework it, because Rebirth is reacting very different from usual shapes.
I find it amazing how smoothly the transformation is working and how well clothing adjusts with up and down sizing this body.

Rebirth Eden is not the perfect super model body though, while I find super model bodies boring anyway. And if you like small and round, the charming chubby teen shape is just perfect for you. If you like small breasts, this body is for you, too.
The most fun for me is using the kids shape. It is so cute! Just take care you are not playing against Linden Labs policy regarding ageplay
And there are some sims where child avatars are not wanted. So take care for yourself and be respectful to others.

You need clothing, that is made for Rebirth Eden body.
There is a growing choice of new clothing items inworld and on the MP. The creators of the body are selling clothing in their main store and some independent designers like me are working hard on new releases.

You need to have resizable unrigged hair, if you want to use the kids shape and teens shape. I shrinked my hair 12% – 15% for the kids avatar and 5% – 10% for the teen shapes.

You can use all unrigged flat shoes and stiff boots. For high heels, pumps and sandals you need shoes especially made for Rebirth Eden. I really hope there will be a fine choice of shoes soon.

Next week I will give you some tipps of styling a kids avatar with Rebirth Eden.

Take care, stay healthy and have fun,

Credits and links:

Rebirth Eden Main Store (go get the demo!)

My head: Genus Strong Face
Skin: The Skinnery
Short black Hair: tram I0618 hair
AO with hyper active movements: BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Hare
all clothing and shoes by me: “Freda”


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