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A mens world…

While I know there are so many more items for women to buy in SL than for men I had a hard time to spend money today. Being in shopping mode I strolled around in Cravone City, a NYC inspired sim. First I found this lovely barber shop.

I was wondering if they are able to do a quick hair dry. The rain has just stopped.

But nobody served me even if there was a big OPEN sign outside. Maybe closed/lost due to Covid 19…

I waited for a while, then went on with my little city trip.

Next I saw an interesting shop ” Scotch” with only mens stuff. Is this a mens sim???
I actually fell in love with some shades – no demo.

I don’ t know how many shades I already bought and never wore, because they didn’t suit me. Here again I just couldn’t resist, but wow, these are great!!!

I took a landmark and will go on exploring later. Maybe then I will find the girls corner of Cravone City :-).

Slink Physique Body with my own Shape
Genus Strong Head with my own Shape.
Skin: “The Skinnery” Mycha Peach
Hair: Magika – Shimmer Blonde
Lipstick: Cheap and Chic! HDL-D #03
Turtle Neck Sweater : “Freda” Jenna Sleeveless Sweater Black
Shorts: “Feda” Ria Ripped Denim Shorts Black
Rain Coat: “Freda” Antje Rain Coat Leopard Printed Patent Leather (new release)
Umbrella: “Freda” Ella Umbrella Leopard Pattern

Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you, that you do NOT need a rain coat but sun glasses!

Love, Freda


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