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My personal 4 favourite Shop Layouts

I always loved expos in RL and in SL as a participant or just a visitor. And it is fun to nominate my favourite creative booth layouts. It is the first time I have a booth myself and I know it is not easy to make the best out of a big grey and white space. So here are my 4 favourites for the SL19B Shop and Hop event:

1. By far the most beautiful fashion store booth, again: AlaFolie
She just knows how to make a creative random messiness, colorful and still elegant and I am so in love with that huge window bringing in fresh air and the impression of a beautiful surroundings.

2. My second place is the beautiful mystic booth of .: RatzCatz :.
The columns and ornaments are just breath taking and the statues they sell and the lights….phew…
And I love the wall rolls to the right to show the vendor displays. A perfect must-see!

My No.3 goes to [ContraptioN].
Here you get a great Steampunk feeling and the store is still clean with an easy to get overview of what they sell. This event is so overloaded and time is short. So you just need such calm places to relax your eyes. And of course I have bought that fun technical backpack to the left :-).

4. An optician and the steampunk style. My No. 4 goes to DEEP STATIC
Well, I am the daughter of an optician in RL, so I am always interested in glasses :-). Deep Static always provides beautiful gifts. And this time they have made such a wonderful open air store with NYC in the back ground and an “open” ceiling and a huge fun steampunk hand.
It is a pleasure to walk from one side to the other and get all the demos. I never buy glasses without demo. So I had to skip many other brands. Thank you, Deep Static!

Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Love, Freda


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