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Fall in SL

I don’t like Fall and I don’t like Halloween, but I love Orange (see my hair:-))).

In this season when all the beauty of nature is dying and it is getting cold outside I usually curl up on the sofa and just wait for winter. So I created this wide comfortable long-sleeves mini dress and a bunch of colorful warm pantyhoses for Mad Circus Event. Still available until 31st Oct. as Exclusive here:

To cheer up myself I bought the brand new Belleza Gen.X bodies (yes, the fatpack!) and I LOVE them. It was even more pleasing to notice, that I can wear Maitreya size for wider clothing and just alpha out some few spots poking through. So give it a try!. My next items will include the Gen X size. I got the dev kit very quick (thank you, Belleza!) and it is great to work with.

Love, Freda


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