I started in Second Life with my little avatar “Freda Fredriksson” in beginning of 2007 when SL just started to become a big, future changing money machine. I was in a business group in real life meeting regularly and everybody dreamt of huge success and big money. It was a great exciting time.

It did not come as expected. I have worked hard to make my fashion brand successful, but it burnt me out. So in 2010 I stopped working in SL and closed my shops. Looking back it was the right time to stop.

But I had made some great friends and found a wonderful partner, the best one can imagine – in a computer game.
I have learned a lot for life, starting with learning english almost perfectly, which helps me a lot with my todays real life business and not ending with computer skills, techniques I would have never touched without SL.

Now, in 2019 I am back in SL just for fun.

My screen is the double size now and 10 times more sharp and our internet is 10 times as fast.
But there is one thing, that gave me back the vibrant feeling: Linden Lab together with some awesome designers have done a great job to really improve SL. The avatars look so much more beautiful and the mesh bodies and mesh clothing are a wonderful work even if they produce lag. What a fun to watch my fingers move…

I am glad I skipped all the confusing times of development when many other great designers and big brands have thrown in the towel.
But now I couldn’t keep my fingers off the cloth anymore and started over where I stopped 9 years ago: I am making SL fashion again :-).
I reopened an inworld store and after 2 months it is getting a cosy shop worth to be visited with a fine little collection of fun clothing.

You are welcome to come by!

Love, Freda


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am Freda Fredriksson.

    I am living my life in Secondlife since February 2007.

    As a fashiondesigner I am doing fashion design at SL, wow, what a surprise… but also custom designs for RL-companies.

    The main store of my label “Freda’s Fine Fashion” is Knieff (8, 96,197). Come and have a look!

    As I am from Germany and my english is not that perfectely, please be generous with my grammar and expressions. I’m trying my best, that people from all over the world can read this blog.

    And…I am a little bit shy and I am working very much, cause I love working and being creative. So maybe it seams, that I am not that communicative as people want me to be…sorry about that.

    Anyway, I hope you like, what I am doing here. It’s my very first try to have a blog…am still struggling with the technics…

    Take care and have fun, Freda

  2. Dear Freda,

    I see my family name on your web site and am wondering if possibly we may be related.

    My great grand father was Heinrich Fredrich Jacob Knieff who immigrated to America in the 1800’s.

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