SL6B The Virtual Dressingroom

You love shopping?

In SL or in RL or in both worlds? Let us know in a short 5 question survey about shopping and fashion:

The Virtual Dressingroom – Survey

Why this?
To celebrate the 6th SL birthday I took part in the big exhibition of more than 400 designers, builders, artists and agencys.
The Virtual Dressingroom is showing my vision of connecting rl and sl-shopping.
Its tiring, stressy and annoying sometimes to get the fitting clothing items in real life. Would it be easier and more fun to go shopping in SL, try the clothes , test them and then order them to wear them in real life?

Let us know with the survey but don’t miss the great SL6B exhibiton and heres the link to start at The Virtual Dressingroom.
A giftpackage is there waiting for you of course as usual 🙂

-> SL6B

Have fun and a great weekend!
Hugs, Freda

The Virtual Dressingroom

Virtual Shopping


GL OMG Another Hunt

Its officially started!

Whoopsie….Freda slipped into the paint bucket while designing…again!
But its spring, nearly summer, so what….

This slurl leads you to the starting point and its only 18 shops to go to get that gift. Happy hunting!!!

slurl -> 



Early Snow…

Woohooo….early snow here in Germany today and its looking very much like on my new ad.
So I couldn’t resist to post it today :-))

Thanks Val for that great group-shot!


Photographer: Valeria Pienaar
Models: Vivian Tuqiri, Gianmario Masala, Valeria Pienaar, Pac Schnyder
Clothes: Freda’s Fine Fashion

Fredas Fine Fall Fashionshow

Fredas Fine Fall Fashionshow

We had a wonderful show last night. SL liked us! No problems, no accident, acceptable lag…pheeeewww.

For all those who missed the outstanding event we set up a short slideshow here :

Link to the Slideshow 

Another Fun Fashion Party – Sofa Party

Another Fun Fashion Party at Freda’s Fine Fashion – Sunday 1 PM slt

Wear your craziest hair and win 1000L. Should be easy right after the hair fair. You still got some hours to search your inventories :-)))
Put on your dancing shoes. It is not just sitting around!

To Freda’s Fine Fashion

Traditional costumes and music Party

Traditional Clothes and Music Party on Sunday 10th 1PM – 3PM at Freda’s Fine Fashion

Wear all the nice costumes of your countries or where you have been on holidays. As colorful as possible.
DJ Lorrie from the Shetlands will play nice dancemusic from different countries to dance some fun dances you will love. And for sure the best costume wins another 1000L. So dig in your inventories or use the search to spend some Lindens. It will be worth it. Hope to see you there,

hugs Freda

to Freda’s Fine Fashion

Fashionshow at Instyle Fashion Agency last night

Great start into the weekend: Fashionshow at Instyle Fashion Agency last night

No, I do not flood again the feed….

Just one pic from the beginning and who wants to see more may go to my flickr-set, I just uploaded:
Instyle-Fashionshow flickr-pics

For everybody who wants to buy my clothes inworld:
Freda’s Fine Fashion and Fredas For Men

Wishing you all a great weekend,
Hugs Freda