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Freda’s Fine Fashion, Knieff


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all are well back again. I am having a great time with my SL-friend in Austria, yes in RL 🙂
Relaxing with snow and sun and feeling great…woohooo…no work to do….

Hug you all, Freda


Closing of my shops

Freda’s Fine Fashion and Fredas For Men are closing

There will be a big final sale from 28th December – 10th January – all items are marked down to 100 L$

After that date my clothes will be off the grid. I made that decision, because keeping the business running is just too timeconsuming and I want to develop myself further and step forward into new fields.
I will not stop making pixel clothes, I am too addicted to it. I just stop making clothes for SL. And I dont think you are missing me too much, as there are so many great designers in SL, busy like bees…doing great stuff 🙂

Last of all, I am NOT leaving SL. I love SL and it will stay my home location. So you can talk to me whenever you want while I am busy with freebie hunting, redecorating my house or bothering designers about refunds or not delivered items :-)))

Hugs, Freda


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Diversity Model Management presents
The Winter Wonderland Show

today, Saturday 20th December at 1PM SLT

Stanlee Mall

Saturday Nightfever

Saturday Nightfever

Remember the nights when everyone wanted to be Jive Talkin and dancing the night away in a club to the newest craze called Disco?  How about all the men who wanted to be able to strut and slide across the dance floor with the slick moves of John Travolta?  Freda’s For Men brings the era of Disco once again to the preset with Disco Fever.  This three piece mens outfit makes a statement on any dance floor. And that white suit will have your fingers strummin and your feet dying to strut to the sounds of the Bee Gees and all the other greats of the 70’s.   
Confidence oozes from the man who can strut his stuff for the ladies.  Disco Fever by Freda’s Fine Fashion. Slide into this and take to the Disco like an Inferno! Can you dig it?  I knew you could! 


brought to you by Brittainy Collins

Fredas For Men

Fredas Fine Fall Fashionshow

Fredas Fine Fall Fashionshow

We had a wonderful show last night. SL liked us! No problems, no accident, acceptable lag…pheeeewww.

For all those who missed the outstanding event we set up a short slideshow here :

Link to the Slideshow 

Freda’s Fine Fall Fashionshow